Sponsor my work using a US bank transfer (ach)

If you want to make a transaction from your US bank account, you should transfer money to my US bank account, because transfering from that account to my Swiss bank account is fairly cheap, while transfering money from your US account to my Swiss account is likely extremely expensive.

You should make an ACH direct deposit, which should be fairly cheap or even free. If you are aware of a cheaper option then use that of course (and please tell me about it so that I can update these instructions).

Avoid wire transfers as they are very expensive for you and costs me $4 per incoming transaction as well. My new US bank account does not support Zelle.

Transaction details

You probably won’t have to provide the name and address of the bank, but it might be auto-filled for you. If so, you should see one of the following two companies and their address. (I have a wise.com account and they partner with Evolve Bank and Trust for US bank accounts.)

30 W. 26th Street, Sixth Floor
New York NY 10010
United States


Evolve Bank and Trust
6070 Poplar Ave suite 200
Memphis TN 38119
United States

If you have a non-US bank account, then instead make an IBAN transaction. Some other donation options are available.

Please help me improve Magit

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Thank you! — Jonas Bernoulli