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3 Core Functions

Function: magit-current-section

Return the section at point.

Function: magit-section-ident section

Return an unique identifier for SECTION. The return value has the form ((TYPE . VALUE)...).

Function: magit-section-ident-value value

Return a constant representation of VALUE.

VALUE is the value of a magit-section object. If that is an object itself, then that is not suitable to be used to identify the section because two objects may represent the same thing but not be equal. If possible a method should be added for such objects, which returns a value that is equal. Otherwise the catch-all method is used, which just returns the argument itself.

Function: magit-get-section ident &optional root

Return the section identified by IDENT. IDENT has to be a list as returned by magit-section-ident. If optional ROOT is non-nil, then search in that section tree instead of in the one whose root magit-root-section is.

Function: magit-section-lineage section

Return the lineage of SECTION. The return value has the form (TYPE...).