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2.3 Manually Creating and Storing a Token

If you cannot or don’t want to use the wizard then you have to (1) figure out what scopes a package wants, (2) create such a token using the web interface and (3) store the token where Ghub expects to find it.

A package named PACKAGE has to specify the scopes that it wants in the variable named PACKAGE-github-token-scopes. The doc-string of such variables should document what the various scopes are needed for.

To create or edit a token go to For use

Finally store the token in a place where Ghub looks for it, as described in How Ghub uses Auth-Source.

If you store the token in a file like ~/.authinfo, then note that auth-source’s parsing of that file is brittle. Make sure the file ends with a newline character, that there are no empty or invalid lines, and that all comments are prefixed with #.