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2.2 Other Options

User Option: magit-popup-use-prefix-argument

This option controls the effect that the use of a prefix argument before entering a popup has.

This option can be overridden for individual popups. magit-show-refs-popup for example defaults to invoking the default action directly. It only shows the popup buffer when a prefix argument is used. See Customizing Existing Popups.

User Option: magit-popup-manpage-package

The Emacs package used to display man-pages, one of man or woman.

User Option: magit-popup-display-buffer-action

The option controls how the window used to display a popup buffer is created. Popup buffers are displayed using display-buffer with the value of this option as ACTION argument. You can also set this to nil and instead add an entry to display-buffer-alist.

To emphasize the default action by making it bold use this:

(button-type-put 'magit-popup-action-button 'format " %k %D")