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5.4.4 Revision Buffer

User Option: magit-revision-insert-related-refs

Whether to show related refs in revision buffers.

User Option: magit-revision-show-gravatar

Whether to show gravatar images in revision buffers.

If non-nil, then the value has to be a cons-cell which specifies where the gravatar images for the author and/or the committer are inserted inside the text that was previously inserted according to magit-revision-header-format.

Both cells are regular expressions. The car specifies where to insert the author gravatar image. The top half of the image is inserted right after the matched text, the bottom half on the next line at the same offset. The cdr specifies where to insert the committer image, accordingly. Either the car or the cdr may be nil.

User Option: magit-revision-use-hash-sections

Whether to turn hashes inside the commit message into sections.

If non-nil, then hashes inside the commit message are turned into commit sections. There is a trade off to be made between performance and reliability:

If nil, then no hashes are turned into sections, but you can still visit the commit at point using "RET".

The diffs shown in the revision buffer may be automatically restricted to a subset of the changed files. If the revision buffer is displayed from a log buffer, the revision buffer will share the same file restriction as that log buffer (also see the command magit-diff-toggle-file-filter). Note, however, that the log’s file restriction will be ignored when magit-log-arguments includes --follow. In this case, the -u argument of the log popup can be used to show the file-restricted diffs inline.

If the revision buffer is not displayed from a log buffer, the file restriction is determined by the file restriction in the repository’s diff buffer, if it exists, and the value of the option magit-use-sticky-arguments.

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