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8.1 Tagging

Also see the git-tag(1) manpage.

t     (magit-tag-popup)

This prefix command shows the following suffix commands along with the appropriate infix arguments in a popup buffer.

t t     (magit-tag)

Create a new tag with the given NAME at REV. With a prefix argument annotate the tag.

t k     (magit-tag-delete)

Delete one or more tags. If the region marks multiple tags (and nothing else), then offer to delete those. Otherwise, prompt for a single tag to be deleted, defaulting to the tag at point.

t p     (magit-tag-prune)

Offer to delete tags missing locally from REMOTE, and vice versa.

Command: magit-tag-release

Create an opinionated release tag.

Assume version tags that match "\\‘v?[0-9]\*\\’". Prompt for the name of the new tag using the highest existing tag as initial input and call "git tag –annotate –sign -m MSG" TAG, regardless of whether these arguments are enabled in the popup. Given a TAG "v1.2.3" and a repository "/path/to/foo-bar", the MESSAGE would be "Foo-Bar 1.2.3".

Because it is so opinionated, this command is not available from the tag popup by default.