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7.1.1 The Remote Popup

The popup magit-remote-popup is used to add remotes and to make changes to existing remotes. This popup only deals with remotes themselves, not with branches or the transfer of commits. Those features are available from separate popups.

Also see the git-remote(1) manpage.

M     (magit-remote-popup)

This prefix command shows the following suffix commands along with the appropriate infix arguments in a popup buffer.

User Option: magit-remote-popup-show-variables

This option controls whether the magit-remote-popup shows remote related Git variables. When set to nil, no variables are displayed directly in this popup, and the sub-popup magit-remote-config-popup has to be used instead to view and change remote related variables.

M C     (magit-remote-config-popup)

This command shows remote related variables in a separate popup. By default this asks the user for which remote the variables should be shown. When magit-remote-popup-show-variables is nil, then it shows the variables for the upstream of the current branch or "origin" it that branch has no remote upstream. To select another remote use a prefix argument.

M a     (magit-remote-add)

Add a remote and fetch it. The remote name and url are read in the minibuffer.

M r     (magit-remote-rename)

Rename a remote. Both the old and the new names are read in the minibuffer.

M u     (magit-remote-set-url)

Change the url of a remote. Both the remote and the new url are read in the minibuffer.

M k     (magit-remote-remove)

Delete a remote, read from the minibuffer.

M p     (magit-remote-prune-refspecs)

Remove stale refspecs and tracking branches for REMOTE. If there are only stale refspecs, then offer to either delete the remote or replace the refspecs with the default refspec instead.

User Option: magit-remote-add-set-remote.pushDefault

Whether to set the value of remote.pushDefault after adding a remote.

If ask, then always ask. If ask-if-unset, then ask, but only if the variable isn’t set already. If nil, then don’t ever set. If the value is a string, then set without asking, provided that the name of the added remote is equal to that string and the variable isn’t already set.

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