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4.5.1 Viewing Git Output

Magit runs Git either for side-effects (e.g. when pushing) or to get some value (e.g. the name of the current branch). When Git is run for side-effects, the mode line displays a process status indicator (using the magit-mode-line-process face), and the process output goes into a per-repository log buffer, which can be consulted when things don’t go as expected. Process errors are indicated at the top of the status buffer.

$     (magit-process)

This commands displays the process buffer for the current repository.

Inside that buffer, the usual key bindings for navigating and showing sections are available. There is one additional command.

k     (magit-process-kill)

This command kills the process represented by the section at point.

User Option: magit-git-debug

When this is non-nil then the output of all calls to git are logged in the process buffer. This is useful when debugging, otherwise it just negatively affects performance.