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2.3 Common Suffix Commands

A few shared suffix commands are available in all transients. These suffix commands are not shown in the popup buffer by default.

Most of these commands are bound to C-x <key> and after pressing C-x a section featuring all common commands is temporarily shown in the popup buffer. After invoking one of these commands, that section disappears again. Note however that one of these commands is described as "Show common permanently"; invoke that if you want the common commands to always be shown for all transients.

C-x t     (transient-toggle-common)

This command toggles whether the generic commands that are common to all transients are always displayed or only after typing the incomplete prefix key sequence C-x. This only affects the current Emacs session.

User Option: transient-show-common-commands

This option controls whether shared suffix commands are shown alongside the transient-specific infix and suffix commands. By default the shared commands are not shown to avoid overwhelming the user with to many options.

While a transient is active, pressing C-x always shows the common command. The value of this option can be changed for the current Emacs session by typing C-x t while a transient is active.

The other common commands are describe in either the previous node or in one of the following nodes.

Some of Transient’s key bindings differ from the respective bindings of Magit-Popup; see FAQ for more information.