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2.6 Getting Help for Suffix Commands

Transients can have many suffixes and infixes that the user might not be familiar with. To make it trivial to get help for these, Transient provides access to the documentation directly from the active transient.

C-h (transient-help)

This command enters help mode. When help mode is active, typing a key shows information about the suffix command that the key normally is bound to (instead of invoking it). Pressing C-h a second time shows information about the prefix command.

After typing a key, the stack of transient states is suspended and information about the suffix command is shown instead. Typing q in the help buffer buries that buffer and resumes the transient state.

What sort of documentation is shown depends on how the transient was defined. For infix commands that represent command-line arguments this ideally shows the appropriate manpage. transient-help then tries to jump to the correct location within that. Info manuals are also supported. The fallback is to show the command’s documentation string, for non-infix suffixes this is usually appropriate.