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4.5.1 Action Confirmation

By default many actions that could potentially lead to data loss have to be confirmed. This includes many very common actions, so this can quickly become annoying. Many of these actions can be undone and if you have thought about how to undo certain mistakes, then it should be safe to disable confirmation for the respective actions.

The option magit-no-confirm can be used to tell Magit to perform certain actions without the user having to confirm them. Note that while this option can only be used to disable confirmation for a specific set of actions, the next section explains another way of telling Magit to ask fewer questions.

User Option: magit-no-confirm

The value of this option is a list of symbols, representing actions that do not have to be confirmed by the user before being carried out.

By default many potentially dangerous commands ask the user for confirmation. Each of the below symbols stands for an action which, when invoked unintentionally or without being fully aware of the consequences, could lead to tears. In many cases there are several commands that perform variations of a certain action, so we don’t use the command names but more generic symbols.

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