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Appendix C Keystroke Index

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Index Entry  Section

!: Running Git Manually
! !: Running Git Manually
! a: Running Git Manually
! b: Running Git Manually
! g: Running Git Manually
! k: Running Git Manually
! p: Running Git Manually
! s: Running Git Manually
! S: Running Git Manually

$: Viewing Git Output

+: Log Buffer
+: Refreshing Diffs

-: Log Buffer
-: Refreshing Diffs

0: Refreshing Diffs

1: Section Visibility

2: Section Visibility

3: Section Visibility

4: Section Visibility

:: Running Git Manually

=: Log Buffer

^: Section Movement

a: Applying
A: Cherry Picking
A A: Cherry Picking
A a: Cherry Picking
A A: Cherry Picking
A a: Cherry Picking
A d: Cherry Picking
A h: Cherry Picking
A n: Cherry Picking
A s: Cherry Picking
A s: Cherry Picking

B: Bisecting
b: Blaming
b: Branch Commands
b: Editing Rebase Sequences
B B: Bisecting
B b: Bisecting
b b: Branch Commands
b C: Branch Commands
b c: Branch Commands
B g: Bisecting
B k: Bisecting
b k: Branch Commands
b l: Branch Commands
B m: Bisecting
b n: Branch Commands
B r: Bisecting
b r: Branch Commands
B s: Bisecting
b s: Branch Commands
b S: Branch Commands
b x: Branch Commands

c: Blaming
C: Cloning Repository
c: Initiating a Commit
c: Editing Rebase Sequences
c a: Initiating a Commit
c A: Initiating a Commit
C b: Cloning Repository
C C: Cloning Repository
c c: Initiating a Commit
C d: Cloning Repository
C e: Cloning Repository
c e: Initiating a Commit
c f: Initiating a Commit
c F: Initiating a Commit
C m: Cloning Repository
C s: Cloning Repository
c s: Initiating a Commit
c S: Initiating a Commit
c w: Initiating a Commit
C-<return>: Visiting Files and Blobs from a Diff
C-<tab>: Section Visibility
C-c C-a: Commit Pseudo Headers
C-c C-b: Log Buffer
C-c C-b: Refreshing Diffs
C-c C-c: Transient Commands
C-c C-c: Select from Log
C-c C-c: Editing Commit Messages
C-c C-c: Editing Rebase Sequences
C-c C-d: Refreshing Diffs
C-c C-d: Editing Commit Messages
C-c C-e: Commands Available in Diffs
C-c C-f: Log Buffer
C-c C-f: Refreshing Diffs
C-c C-i: Commit Pseudo Headers
C-c C-k: Select from Log
C-c C-k: Editing Commit Messages
C-c C-k: Editing Rebase Sequences
C-c C-n: Log Buffer
C-c C-o: Commit Pseudo Headers
C-c C-p: Commit Pseudo Headers
C-c C-r: Commit Pseudo Headers
C-c C-s: Commit Pseudo Headers
C-c C-t: Commands Available in Diffs
C-c C-t: Commit Pseudo Headers
C-c C-w: Using the Revision Stack
C-c M-g: Commands for Buffers Visiting Files
C-c M-g B: Blaming
C-c M-g b: Blaming
C-c M-g B: Commands for Buffers Visiting Files
C-c M-g B b: Blaming
C-c M-g B e: Blaming
C-c M-g B f: Blaming
C-c M-g B r: Blaming
C-c M-g c: Commands for Buffers Visiting Files
C-c M-g D: Commands for Buffers Visiting Files
C-c M-g d: Commands for Buffers Visiting Files
C-c M-g e: Blaming
C-c M-g e: Commands for Buffers Visiting Files
C-c M-g f: Blaming
C-c M-g L: Commands for Buffers Visiting Files
C-c M-g l: Commands for Buffers Visiting Files
C-c M-g p: Commands for Buffers Visiting Files
C-c M-g r: Blaming
C-c M-g s: Commands for Buffers Visiting Files
C-c M-g t: Commands for Buffers Visiting Files
C-c M-g u: Commands for Buffers Visiting Files
C-c M-i: Commit Pseudo Headers
C-c M-s: Editing Commit Messages
C-w: Common Commands
C-x g: Status Buffer
C-x u: Editing Rebase Sequences

d: Diffing
D: Refreshing Diffs
d c: Diffing
d d: Diffing
D f: Refreshing Diffs
D F: Refreshing Diffs
D g: Refreshing Diffs
d p: Diffing
d r: Diffing
D r: Refreshing Diffs
d s: Diffing
D s: Refreshing Diffs
d t: Diffing
D t: Refreshing Diffs
d u: Diffing
d w: Diffing
D w: Refreshing Diffs
DEL: Log Buffer
DEL: Commands Available in Diffs
DEL: Blaming
DEL: Editing Rebase Sequences

e: Ediffing
E: Ediffing
e: Editing Rebase Sequences
E c: Ediffing
E i: Ediffing
E m: Ediffing
E r: Ediffing
E s: Ediffing
E u: Ediffing
E w: Ediffing
E z: Ediffing

f: Editing Rebase Sequences
f: Fetching
F: Pulling
f a: Fetching
f C: Branch Commands
F C: Branch Commands
f e: Fetching
F e: Pulling
f m: Fetching
f o: Fetching
f p: Fetching
F p: Pulling
f r: Fetching
f u: Fetching
F u: Pulling

g: Automatic Refreshing of Magit Buffers
G: Automatic Refreshing of Magit Buffers

H: Section Types and Values

I: Creating Repository

j: Log Buffer
j: Commands Available in Diffs

k: Viewing Git Output
k: Applying
k: Editing Rebase Sequences
k: Stashing

l: Logging
L: Refreshing Logs
L: Log Buffer
L: Log Margin
l: Editing Rebase Sequences
l a: Logging
l b: Logging
L d: Log Margin
L g: Refreshing Logs
l h: Logging
l H: Reflog
l l: Logging
l L: Logging
L L: Log Margin
L l: Log Margin
l o: Logging
l O: Reflog
l r: Reflog
L s: Refreshing Logs
L t: Refreshing Logs
L w: Refreshing Logs

m: Merging
M: Remote Commands
m a: Merging
m a: Merging
M a: Remote Commands
M C: Remote Commands
m e: Merging
m i: Merging
M k: Remote Commands
m m: Merging
m m: Merging
m n: Merging
m p: Merging
M p: Remote Commands
M P: Remote Commands
M r: Remote Commands
m s: Merging
M u: Remote Commands
M-1: Section Visibility
M-2: Section Visibility
M-3: Section Visibility
M-4: Section Visibility
M-<tab>: Section Visibility
M-n: Section Movement
M-n: Editing Commit Messages
M-n: Editing Rebase Sequences
M-p: Section Movement
M-p: Editing Commit Messages
M-p: Editing Rebase Sequences
M-w: Blaming
M-w: Common Commands
M-x magit-debug-git-executable: Git Executable
M-x magit-debug-git-executable: Debugging Tools
M-x magit-describe-section-briefly: Matching Sections
M-x magit-emacs-Q-command: Debugging Tools
M-x magit-reset-index: Staging and Unstaging
M-x magit-reverse-in-index: Staging and Unstaging
M-x magit-stage-file: Staging from File-Visiting Buffers
M-x magit-toggle-buffer-lock: Modes and Buffers
M-x magit-toggle-verbose-refresh: Debugging Tools
M-x magit-unstage-file: Staging from File-Visiting Buffers
M-x magit-version: Git Executable
M-x magit-version: Debugging Tools
M-x magit-wip-commit: Wip Modes
M-x with-editor-debug: Debugging Tools
MM: Editing Rebase Sequences
Mt: Editing Rebase Sequences

n: Section Movement
n: Blaming
N: Blaming
n: Editing Rebase Sequences
n: Minor Mode for Buffers Visiting Blobs

o: Submodule Transient
O: Subtree
o a: Submodule Transient
o d: Submodule Transient
O e: Subtree
O e p: Subtree
O e s: Subtree
o f: Submodule Transient
O i: Subtree
O i a: Subtree
O i c: Subtree
O i f: Subtree
O i m: Subtree
o l: Submodule Transient
o p: Submodule Transient
o r: Submodule Transient
o s: Submodule Transient
o u: Submodule Transient

p: Section Movement
p: Blaming
P: Blaming
p: Editing Rebase Sequences
P: Pushing
p: Minor Mode for Buffers Visiting Blobs
P C: Branch Commands
P e: Pushing
P m: Pushing
P o: Pushing
P p: Pushing
P r: Pushing
P t: Pushing
P T: Pushing
P u: Pushing

q: Quitting Windows
q: Log Buffer
q: Blaming
q: Minor Mode for Buffers Visiting Blobs

r: Rebasing
r: Editing Rebase Sequences
r a: Rebasing
r e: Rebasing
r e: Rebasing
r f: Rebasing
r i: Rebasing
r k: Rebasing
r m: Rebasing
r p: Rebasing
r r: Rebasing
r s: Rebasing
r s: Rebasing
r u: Rebasing
r w: Rebasing
RET: References Buffer
RET: Visiting Files and Blobs from a Diff
RET: Blaming
RET: Editing Rebase Sequences

s: Staging and Unstaging
S: Staging and Unstaging
s: Editing Rebase Sequences
S-<tab>: Section Visibility
SPC: Log Buffer
SPC: Commands Available in Diffs
SPC: Blaming
SPC: Editing Rebase Sequences

t: Editing Rebase Sequences
t: Tagging
T: Notes
T a: Notes
T c: Notes
t k: Tagging
T m: Notes
t p: Tagging
T p: Notes
t r: Tagging
T r: Notes
t t: Tagging
T T: Notes
TAB: Section Visibility

u: Staging and Unstaging
U: Staging and Unstaging

v: Applying
V: Reverting
V A: Reverting
V a: Reverting
V s: Reverting
V V: Reverting
V v: Reverting

W: Plain Patches
w: Maildir Patches
w a: Plain Patches
w a: Maildir Patches
w a: Maildir Patches
W c: Plain Patches
w m: Maildir Patches
W s: Plain Patches
w s: Maildir Patches
w w: Maildir Patches
w w: Maildir Patches

x: Editing Rebase Sequences
x: Resetting
X f: Resetting
X h: Resetting
X i: Resetting
X k: Resetting
X m: Resetting
X s: Resetting
X w: Resetting
X w: Wip Modes

Y: Cherries
y: References Buffer
y: Editing Rebase Sequences
y c: References Buffer
y o: References Buffer
y r: References Buffer
y y: References Buffer

z: Stashing
Z: Worktree
z a: Stashing
z b: Stashing
z B: Stashing
Z b: Worktree
Z c: Worktree
z f: Stashing
Z g: Worktree
z i: Stashing
z I: Stashing
z k: Stashing
Z k: Worktree
z l: Stashing
Z m: Worktree
z p: Stashing
z v: Stashing
z w: Stashing
z W: Stashing
z x: Stashing
z z: Stashing
z Z: Stashing

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