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8.1 Tagging

Also see the git-tag(1) manpage.

t     (magit-tag)

This transient prefix command binds the following suffix commands along with the appropriate infix arguments and displays them in a temporary buffer until a suffix is invoked.

t t     (magit-tag-create)

This command creates a new tag with the given NAME at REV. With a prefix argument it creates an annotated tag.

t r     (magit-tag-release)

This commands creates a release tag. It assumes that release tags match magit-release-tag-regexp.

First it prompts for the name of the new tag using the highest existing tag as initial input and leaving it to the user to increment the desired part of the version string. If you use unconventional release tags or version numbers (e.g., v1.2.3-custom.1), you can set the magit-release-tag-regexp and magit-tag-version-regexp-alist variables.

If --annotate is enabled then it prompts for the message of the new tag. The proposed tag message is based on the message of the highest tag, provided that that contains the corresponding version string and substituting the new version string for that. Otherwise it proposes something like "Foo-Bar 1.2.3", given, for example, a TAG "v1.2.3" and a repository located at something like "/path/to/foo-bar".

t k     (magit-tag-delete)

This command deletes one or more tags. If the region marks multiple tags (and nothing else), then it offers to delete those. Otherwise, it prompts for a single tag to be deleted, defaulting to the tag at point.

t p     (magit-tag-prune)

This command offers to delete tags missing locally from REMOTE, and vice versa.

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