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5.3 Logging

The status buffer contains logs for the unpushed and unpulled commits, but that obviously isn’t enough. The transient prefix command magit-log, on l, features several suffix commands, which show a specific log in a separate log buffer.

Like other transient prefix commands, magit-log also features several infix arguments that can be changed before invoking one of the suffix commands. However, in the case of the log transient, these arguments may be taken from those currently in use in the current repository’s log buffer, depending on the value of magit-prefix-use-buffer-arguments (see Transient Arguments and Buffer Variables).

For information about the various arguments, see the git-log(1) manpage.

The switch ++order=VALUE is converted to one of --author-date-order, --date-order, or --topo-order before being passed to git log.

The log transient also features several reflog commands. See Reflog.

l     (magit-log)

This transient prefix command binds the following suffix commands along with the appropriate infix arguments and displays them in a temporary buffer until a suffix is invoked.

l l     (magit-log-current)

Show log for the current branch. When HEAD is detached or with a prefix argument, show log for one or more revs read from the minibuffer.

l o     (magit-log-other)

Show log for one or more revs read from the minibuffer. The user can input any revision or revisions separated by a space, or even ranges, but only branches, tags, and a representation of the commit at point are available as completion candidates.

l h     (magit-log-head)

Show log for HEAD.

l L     (magit-log-branches)

Show log for all local branches and HEAD.

l b     (magit-log-all-branches)

Show log for all local and remote branches and HEAD.

l a     (magit-log-all)

Show log for all references and HEAD.

Two additional commands that show the log for the file or blob that is being visited in the current buffer exists, see Commands for Buffers Visiting Files. The command magit-cherry also shows a log, see Cherries.

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