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2.3 Post-Installation Tasks

After installing Magit you should verify that you are indeed using the Magit, Git, and Emacs releases you think you are using. It’s best to restart Emacs before doing so, to make sure you are not using an outdated value for load-path.

M-x magit-version RET

should display something like

Magit 2.8.0, Git 2.10.2, Emacs 25.1.1, gnu/linux

Then you might also want to read about options that many users likely want to customize. See Essential Settings.

To be able to follow cross references to Git manpages found in this manual, you might also have to manually install the gitman info manual, or advice Info-follow-nearest-node to instead open the actual manpage. See How to install the gitman info manual?.

If you are completely new to Magit then see Getting Started.

If you run into problems, then please see the FAQ. Also see the Debugging Tools.

And last but not least please consider making a donation, to ensure that I can keep working on Magit. See for various donation options.