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2 Getting Started

This manual guides you through the steps that are necessary to use the Forge package and/or to make a request using just Ghub itself, such as this:

(ghub-request "GET" "/user")

To be able to do that, Ghub needs to know who you want to talk to, who you are, and how you are going to prove the latter to the former.

Additionally Ghub wants to know on behalf of which Emacs package it is making a request. So the question of "who is making the request" has to be rephrased as "which human (or bot) is using what (Emacs) package to make the request". If for example, the human known as "tarsius" is using the forge package, then that is represented in some places using the string "tarsius^forge".

This package used to attempt to get the answers to these questions using a setup wizard. Unfortunately that had to be removed because (a) it only ever supported Github, (b) by now Github has removed support for that on their end, (c) it did not always work, and (d) when it couldn’t be used, or failed, then it made things more complicated.

So now it is necessary for users to read some documentation and because many things can go wrong, those instructions have to be fairly detailed. You can of course skip over most of this, but if things go wrong, then I would like to kindly request that you take another look before asking me for help.

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