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2.4 Github Configuration Variables

The username and, unless you only use itself, the Github Enterprise instance have to be configured using Git variables. In rare cases it might also be necessary to specify the identity of the local machine, which is done using a lisp variable.

Variable: github.user

The username. This should be set globally and if you have multiple user accounts, then you should set this locally only for those repositories that you want to access using the secondary identity.

Variable: github.HOST.user

This variable serves the same purpose as github.user but for the Github Enterprise instance identified by HOST.

The reason why separate variables are used is that this makes it possible to set both values globally instead of having to set one of the values locally in each and every repository that is connected to the Github Enterprise instance, not


This variable should only be set locally for a repository and specifies the Github Enterprise edition that that repository is connected to. You should not set this globally because then each and every repository becomes connected to the specified Github Enterprise instance, including those that should actually be connected to

When this is undefined, then "" is used (defined in the constant ghub-default-host, which you should never attempt to change.)