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2 Supported Forges and Hosts

Currently Forge supports two forges and three more forges partially. Additionally it supports four semi-forges. Support for more forges and semi-forges can and will be added.

Both forges and semi-forges provide web interfaces for Git repositories. Forges additionally support pull-requests and issues and make those and other information available using an API.

When a forge is only partially supported, then that means that only the functionality that does not require the API is implemented, or in other words, that the forge is only supported as a semi-forge.

A host is a particular instance of a forge. For example the hosts and are both instances of the Gitlab forge. Forge supports some well known hosts out of the box and additional hosts can easily be supported by adding entries to the option forge-alist.

For more details about the caveats mentioned below (and some others) also see Getting Started.