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4 Usage

Once information has been pulled from a repository’s forge for the first time, Forge adds two additional sections, named "Pull requests" and "Issues" to Magit’s status buffer. It is also possible to add a repository to the local database without pulling all the data, which is useful if you want to create a single pull-request.

N a (forge-add-repository)

This command adds a repository to the database.

It offers to either pull topics (now and in the future) or to only pull individual topics when the user invokes forge-pull-topic.

Some of Forge’s commands are only bound when point is within one of these sections but other commands are also available elsewhere in Magit’s status buffer and/or from Magit’s transient commands.

N (forge-dispatch)

This prefix command is available in any Magit buffer and provides access to several of the available Forge commands. Most of these commands are also bound elsewhere, but some are not. See the following sections for information about the available commands.

Throughout this manual you will find many bindings that begin with N, but if you prefer to continue to use forge-dispatch’s older binding you can substitute ' for that.